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Close Deals Faster with DocuSign and SugarCRM

Posted by on December 30, 2014

Still holding on to your fax machine? Tired of printing, signing, and scanning contracts? Does your client not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat that supports e-signatures? Do you have Post-It notes with lists of people who you need to follow up with about signing something? The free DocuSign for SugarCRM connector can speed up and even simplify the entire process of getting people to sign documents!

One of the most painful processes for employees is getting the right signatures on a myriad of documents. What’s worse is even if your company is doing everything digitally or through SugarCRM, your clients might not be. DocuSign takes the complication out of acquiring signatures for both you and your customers by integrating directly with SugarCRM. Want a signature on a quote? A Quote’s PDF that is pending a gatekeeper’s signature for either party is attached to the Quote record itself, not buried in your inbox.

DocuSign for SugarCRM will automatically pull the email addresses of contacts linked to an Account, Lead, or Quote and add them to the DocuSign recipients list. From there you automate the process of collecting signatures and can see the status of everyone who needs to sign the document. From SugarCRM you can see how many people have signed, read, or haven’t even opened the email asking them to sign. Once a customer signs and sends back a document it is automatically attached to the record it originated from. No need to manually upload back to SugarCRM!

If you have used DocuSign before, pretty much everything you’re used to doing on your smartphone or on their website can be done inside of SugarCRM. If you haven’t, you’ll quickly fall in love with the ability to force recipients to sign in a specific order, or elect to just send copies of the signed document to particular recipients without opening up the ability for everyone to sign. Additionally, you don’t need to follow up with customers as frequently, as you can tell DocuSign to email them reminders automatically if they don’t act soon enough for you.

DocuSign is a powerful and legal tool to add or replace your processes with. DocuSign has presence in over 188 countries meaning you can do business internationally as well as domestically using DocuSign’s tools. Should you ever get into trouble, DocuSign will go to court with you, assuming its auditing tool doesn’t keep you out of court in the first place! With integration into Quotes, Accounts, Contacts, Leads and Opportunities DocuSign for SugarCRM will increase both your productivity and that of your customers, helping you to close sales and get paid more quickly!

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