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Catch Atcore Systems at SugarCon

Posted by on April 2, 2013

From the start, Atcore Systems has been one of our biggest supporters. They were the first to submit a module to SugarOutfitters and currently have 7 total modules for sale (with many more add-ons being released before SugarCon). They were also the first to utilize our License API.

So when Atcore Systems approached us with some ideas on how we could work together to promote not just their solutions at SugarCon, but everyone else’s as well, we were all ears. In addition to the catalog that we will be distributing, you will also see these product cards pictured to the right that highlight some of Atcore System’s offerings. These colorful cards not only highlight their solutions, it is also an entry point into SugarOutfitters to help cross promote the rest of the 40+ solutions on the site.

Atcore Systems, and the rest of the sellers on SugarOutfitters, recognizes the importance of building a strong SugarCRM ecosystem for third party solutions. Doing so is critical to building and maintaining the highest of quality add-ons and a better overall user experience.

Atcore Systems Add-ons