We keep a myriad of stats to see how SugarOutfitters is doing as well as the SugarCRM ecosystem in general. After all, success in one correlates to success for the other. One of those stats that I personally keep an eye on is our impact on SugarCRM licensing. It helps us gauge our impact on the SugarCRM ecosystem. It's been awhile since I ran those numbers and after doing so...well I found this:

$11 million a year. Wow!

What does that mean exactly? Well to date we have had over 771 Pro and above SugarCRM customers purchase solutions from SugarOutfitters. That's not a bad chunk there. We estimate that’s getting close to 10% of the total paid user base.

How Does That Correlate to $11m?

From our numbers we see that typical SugarCRM installs are roughly 30 users. At $40 a user a month for the base Professional edition (which we only do our stats based off of) that would come to about $1,200 a month per install. Multiply that by 12 and then the number of our Pro+ customers and we get a total of $11,102,400 a year.

How Does SugarOutfitters Help Here?

For one, each of our 771 Pro+ customers had a specific need for their business that they had. It could have been before deciding to go with SugarCRM or after the fact. By finding that solution they were able to get more value out of SugarCRM which helps to influence the decision to purchase or stay with SugarCRM.

We also help with the overall user experience. We started SugarOutfitters specifically because of how bad the user experience was for finding, purchasing, and using SugarCRM add-ons. It was always hard to find proven, quality solutions. Because we review and verify that everything works ahead of time it provides users with a much better experience. This then translates to happier SugarCRM users. On top of that, we provide a number of touch points throughout the SugarOutfitters experience to ensure that no one is left behind. We are invested in each of our customer's business success.

Thank You!

We appreciate all of the SugarCRM users, partners, and developers who have bought into our mission and found value in our specialized service. You're the reason we do this and having great people involved like you is why we're still here 3 years later and going strong. It's feedback like the following that lets us know that we're doing something right:

This is the best site for addons. The people and companies I have been introduced to since on board is top shelf.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get to this point!

Jason Eggers
CEO, SugarOutfitters

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