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Calgary Flood Cleanup Effort and Eligeo

Posted by on June 25, 2013


If you haven't heard about the massive Calgary flooding this past week it has been characterized as the worst flooding in Alberta's history. Torrential rains caused massive flooding that not only washed out bridges and roads, but also initiated an evacuation of 75,000 of the 1 million inhabitants. Downtown Calgary was almost completely underwater.

Initial estimates of the damage are between $3 billion to $5 billion. The cleanup could take over 10 years itself. YYC Helps has been formed to help with this enormous cleanup challenge. Here is a snippet about who they are from their site:

"We're a group of volunteers. Our goal is simple, connect Calgarians who want to help with Calgarians in need assistance! The floods will subside... and when they do we'll be ready to continue the generous outpouring of community spirit Calgary is known for to help our city get backs on its feet."

Teaming up with YYC Helps is Eligeo CRM, a SugarCRM partner. Being based out of Calgary, this catastrophe really hits home for Eligeo. Eligeo is leveraging their SugarCRM experience to better mobilize volunteers by setting up a SugarCRM instance to track availability, skill sets, and available donations. On the front side, they are using Joomla for both managing volunteer signups along with event registration to help with coordination. To connect the data between those systems SugaryCB is being used. With this system in place they are already up to 9,000 volunteers! Here's to a speedy recovery.

For information on how you can donate to the cleanup effort visit the YYC Helps Donations page.

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