Like many companies, we have several dozen processes in place to guarantee delivery of our products and services along with streamlining our sales. The issue with these processes is that it usually means eating up one or more individual’s time, as we are all well aware of. With Process Manager for SugarCRM we are able to automate what used to be tedious and time consuming.

SugarCRM Workflows on Steroids

One of the many ways that we can use Process Manager in our business is to manage our contact form submissions. For example, we have a dropdown to help categorize why someone is reaching out to us. Each time a submission is made it creates a record in a custom module in our SugarCRM instance.

Thanks to Process Manager, we have many more options of what we can do to both route and communicate on each submission compared to the built-in SugarCRM workflow tool. If someone is interested in selling on SugarOutfitters we can have a workflow in place to automatically convert them to a lead, email the appropriate person on our team, automatically schedule a call, and send an email the person reaching out after a certain period of time, thanks to the advanced timing options.

From time to time someone will need help with some sort of payment issue. With the drag-and-drop wizard we can quickly create a process that will create a case record along with a task assigned to the appropriate person. When that person resolves the issue and completes the task the case will be automatically closed and an email will be triggered with resolution. Using time based tasks we can have additional emails sent to the assigned person at 30 minutes, 2 hours, etc until the job is done.

Another really great feature of Process Manager is that it also supports custom PHP scripts. What that means is that we can basically support any process that we have. Even if it's a completely unique process that only we have. This has triggered tons of ideas on how to further automate our processes.

What we like the most about Process Manager and SierraCRM is the personalized and prompt customer support that you get. With being the longest running workflow and process tool for SugarCRM, I guess that makes sense.

Be a hero and let your employees work on what really matters. Try it today and see how it can be used to cut down internal processes, decrease time-to-sale, and more.

Works with ALL editions of SugarCRM (CE, Pro, Ent, and Ult) for versions 6.0 to 7.*. Great for SugarCRM On-Demand or On-Site (your own server) deployments. Also works great with SuiteCRM.

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