Our sister company at Fanatical Labs uses Zendesk on a daily basis for everything customer supported related and SugarCRM for everything sales and marketing related. These are two great tools that do what they do very well. But having separate systems for different purposes has its challenges. Particularly around accessing the data you need no matter which tool you are in. At it's most basic level that is what an omnichannel platform is all about.

Our friends over at BrainSell use Zendesk and SugarCRM as well. They share how BrainSell uses Fanatically Zen to make that omnichannel experience work for them and how they can do that for you as well. They are also putting on a webinar this week with Zendesk and Fanatical Labs about how to provide a better customer support experience. Check it out below.

This Wednesday

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During this webinar you will learn:

  • Why customer support is important to your overall customer success strategy
  • What makes up a superior customer support process
  • The value of integrating a customer support tool with your CRM

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BrainSell Highlights

Some highlights from their blog post:

If you’re convinced that an omnichannel approach to customer support is best, then you’ll need to tie your platform to your one-true customer database: CRM. Most customer support platforms can integrate with your CRM, but not all. It’s important to be aware of this while selecting a platform. In BrainSell’s case, we chose Zendesk because it seamlessly integrates with our CRM, SugarCRM...
...No longer do you have to toggle between your CRM and support platform to see relevant customer information. This integration allows you to see your SugarCRM contact, lead, account, and opportunity data right from within the Zendesk interface. It also allows you to view your Zendesk support tickets and comments from the team right from within SugarCRM as well.

Sugar View of Zendesk Data

SugarCRM Dashlet of Zendesk Data

Zendesk View of Sugar Data

Zendesk Widget View of Sugar Data

Learn more about BrainSell and their approach at https://www.brainsell.net/blog/2018/11/make-superior-customer-support-a-2019-resolution/.

If you are already taking advantage of SugarCRM and Zendesk then be sure to check out the Fanatically Zen integration to start taking advantage of having them connected.

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