Highlevel Overview

With the SugarCRM WhatsApp Integration by Verity Infotech, your team can engage buyers and increase sales with individualized WhatsApp messages – all sent in one click from anywhere in the CRM! Utilize convenient features like two-way messaging, WhatsApp templates, and much more.

Sending single message in the SugarCRM WhatsApp Integration


  • Two-way WhatsApp conversations
  • Send WhatsApp messages
  • Use existing email templates as WhatsApp templates
  • Create and manage WhatsApp templates with dynamic fields
  • Inbound WhatsApp notification
  • Relation of outbound/inbound WhatsApp with records
  • Improve the level of customer service
  • Customer experience tracking, cross-selling, retention, and more
  • WhatsApp texting CRM integration initiates reminders and notifications

One-Click WhatsApp Sending

  • You can see below images for sending WhatsApp from Detail View and List View of any module
  • Keep all your conversations organized

One click sending in the SugarCRM WhatsApp Integration

WhatsApp Messages History in Calls Module

  • All sent or received WhatsApp messages will be saved in the Calls module
  • Outbound and inbound WhatsApp messages relate to leads, contacts, accounts if number matches in module accordingly

SugarCRM WhatsApp Integration call history

Outbound WhatsApp Record

SugarCRM WhatsApp Integration outbound record

Inbound WhatsApp Record

SugarCRM WhatsApp Integration inbound record

Inbound WhatsApp Notifications


To learn more about this solution, go to the SugarCRM WhatsApp Integration, or search for "WhatsApp."

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