Many people love the freshness that a brand new year brings. For marketing, a new year brings new perspectives, up to date goals, and renewed energy. If you are ready to kick off the new year with enthusiasm, here are 7 things to do so you stay organized and motivated:

1. Review what worked and what can be discarded

Look through your Mailchimp data (or use SugarChimp’s reporting tools to pull SugarCRM data alongside Mailchimp data) and use that insight to draft what you should keep doing (subjects that were successful, timing of auto-emails that seemed to work) and what you can discard.

2. Share your successes and struggles to collaborate with your team

Share your findings and generate more ideas within your marketing team, or within your company as a whole. Sometimes a developer or an accountant might have a great idea that a marketing guru can turn into magic – and it never hurts to ask!

3. Draft a brief 2021 marketing calendar


While you don’t need to plan every detail or campaign, develop a high-level overview of the campaigns you would like to send each month, quarter, etc. based on your needs. Doing so will help you more quickly create time-sensitive content. Include campaigns like:

  • Reminders for customers to complete tasks unique to your business.
  • Recaps of product updates in the prior 6 months. If you have made changes to your product or offerings based on customer feedback, celebrate and share them.
  • Celebrating unique holidays that fit your brand. Did you know January 28th is Data Privacy Day? Send an informative campaign describing how you protect customer privacy.

4. Update your platforms and integrations

Does your SugarCRM need to be updated? Is the integration between Shopify and Mailchimp working seamlessly? Is your SugarChimp integration on the latest version? Take the time now to update your tools so you don’t encounter unnecessary snags as your marketing takes off.

5. Review the data you are syncing from SugarCRM to Mailchimp

SugarChimp seamlessly syncs data between Mailchimp and Sugar so take the time to review the lists and fields you are syncing.

health status page.png

6. Review and refresh your existing automations

Check out your Mailchimp automations to confirm they still meet your needs or create new ones to further engage customers! Review some of our tips to see how you can use SugarChimp for automations, like sending birthday emails.

7. Ensure you’re not paying too much for Mailchimp

One issue Mailchimp users commonly encounter is that Mailchimp charges based on how many contacts you have. If you have multiple audiences with duplicate contacts across them, you may be paying more than you need to. Review SugarChimp’s Best Practices to ensure you are not paying more than you should.

If you aren’t using SugarChimp but would like to know more about how to up your marketing game with this simple to use integration, please schedule a demo with us today.

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