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Low user adoption is a leading cause of CRM failure. Don't let your organization fall victim to this issue. The Utilization Monitor for Sugar by Faye is here to provide you with actionable insight into how your SugarCRM users are interacting with their CRM platform. With the Utilization Monitor, managers and supervisors can access real-time visual dashboards of critical business activities, thus uncovering better coaching opportunities for sales reps and improving user adoption.

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Tackle Your Adoption Hurdles and Maximize Your SugarCRM Value

CRM adoption difficulties are expected, so Utilization Monitor for Sugar equips managers and supervisors with valuable optics into what their CRM users are doing within the platform to ensure those difficulties are overcome. A must-have user adoption driver, the Utilization Monitor for Sugar, provides a real-time visual dashboard of the critical business activities managers need to track and boost their CRM platform usage for optimum success.

Features of the Utilization Monitor for Sugar

  • Display usage stats on a custom dashboard
  • Filter by roles and users
  • View a comprehensive usage score
  • Customize how much each activity contributes to the usage score
  • See a trending score indicating how employees' Sugar use changes
  • Toggle between time periods (30, 60, 90 days)

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Key Benefits

  • Track users’ interaction with the system to gauge adoption
  • Compare usage between users and user groups to improve productivity
  • Track usage trends over time
  • See when users aren't adopting features

Requirements & Notes

  • Compatible with all supported Sugar versions.

Why Faye?

At Faye, we love software. We eat it, breathe it, and build it. We make the best software in the world even better through better customization, optimization, support, and management.

Faye’s clients get 10x returns on their software because we help leverage the hidden potential of Sugar. We are a company intensely passionate about eating and optimizing your software to make it the best it can be.

At Faye, we are your software partner. We hire geeks, thinkers, experts, and technicians. We are limited only by our caffeine intake – so we buy in bulk and make sure the Arabica never runs out. All for you. That’s what we mean when we say, “We Eat Software”. We take your systems, process, and tech stack complexity and handle it for you. We take your adoption issues and solve them. We eat your software.

And here are a few of the awards we are proud of:

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You can find a complete list of awards HERE.

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