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Add checklists to Sugar to have your users organized throughout the day. Leverage checklists to help your users organize personal, project, priority or any other list of tasks that need to be done on time. It will help your users stay organized throughout the day.

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Sugar Sweet Checklists helps you getting your personal, project, priority or any other type of checklist organized and tasks from it done on time. It will help you keep track of tasks and deadlines that need to be fulfilled and make sure your users stay organized throughout the day.

Users can keep track of objectives and tasks that need to be fulfilled in relation to specific Sugar record. By having option to create unlimited number of checklists users can keep themselves organized how they see it fit. Managers are able to quickly see what is done and pending.

Sugar Sweet Checklists will make sure everything necessary is being completed. By utilizing checklists in your daily operations, it will help you eliminate mistakes and drive consistency across organization.



Unlimited number of checklist templates

  • User can create checklist from checklist template that will eliminate the need to add repeating tasks all the time

Ordering tasks on checklist

  • User will be able to adjust task order that fits current situation business is in

Custom fields in checklist task

  • Checklist task can be customized to require collection of additional information in fields that are unique for your organization

Assign checklist task to user

  • Checklist tasks can be assigned and reassigned to different Sugar users

Quick insight if task is completed or not

  • User is able to quickly identify tasks that are complete or that are not


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