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Have a standard set of steps always needed for your sales, support, marketing, and other processes? This Sweet Checklists SugarCRM module is perfect for your company. Create a standard order of to-do items that your reps will check off as they complete them. See exactly when they were completed and what is left.

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Have Business Processes?

Do you have the same tasks that you need to do again and again?

If you do, how do you make sure that you do them correctly every time, how you track when those tasks were done?

Many businesses are finding Sweet Checklists to be the right answer.

Sweet Checklists in SugarCRM

Departments such as sales, marketing, and customer support can define checklists to ensure that certain steps are always being completed. Great for walking a lead through your process or always performing certain support steps.

Sweet checklist has helped people to do things more efficiently and avoid costly mistakes.

You can save time

You don’t need to spend time remembering the steps, so you can devote the entire time on doing the task.

You can delegate more easily

If you ever want to delegate the task (for example, through outsourcing), your checklist will make it easier for you to do it.

You can track dates and tasks

You don’t need to bust your head, when something was done or when something happened, our Sweet Checklist automatically saves current date and time when task was checked.

You can update and check requirements

You can simply check which requirements are fulfilled and if they are not or something has changed you can update it with a simple click.

Sweet Checklists can be added to any other module in SugarCRM.

Checklists seem simple and sometimes is hard for us to accept them as a necessity when we're in jobs that rely on our skills and knowledge.

But using a checklist can improve our performance and help us achieve more consistent results.

Checklist remind us of the minimum necessary steps and make them explicit, they do not only offer the possibility of verification but also instill a kind of discipline of higher performance.

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