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Track billable hours on Projects, Project Tasks and Cases. Easily run reports to see who needs to be invoiced and who needs to be paid.

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The Best Way to Track Time in SugarCRM

Enable your users to quickly and easily track time on projects, project tasks and cases that they are working on in SugarCRM.

Book Time on Project Tasks

Book Time on Cases

Book Time on Projects

Project Reporting Tool

Status Filters for Matrix Views

Timesheet Subpanels

Easily View Time Totals

Support for SecuritySuite

SuperTimesheet Makes Time Logging, Tracking and Reporting Effortless

  • Employees Easily Book and Track Time on Project Tasks, Projects and Cases

    • Log time for an entire day or week in a single intuitive view
    • View exactly how much time you've worked on projects, tasks and cases
  • Managers Quickly Report and Act on Tracked Time

    • Includes Reporting Tools to drill down to exactly what you want to see
    • Saves you time by getting the data you want to see in just a few clicks

Book Time on Projects, Project Tasks and Cases

Easily add your time to projects, project tasks and cases.

Log Multiple Times with the Matrix Views

Forgot to log your hours at the end of the week? No problem, log them all from a single view.

Generate Reports on Logged Time

When generating time reports, you can filter by project, user, start and end time.

Support for SecuritySuite

Do you use the popular SecuritySuite (Teams) module? If so, SuperTimesheet is created to work seamlessly with SecuritySuite. Utilize the teams feature on your Timesheets.

SuperTimesheet is an Award Winning Solution

SuperTimesheet earned the top spot on SugarForge as the project of the month.

Think you can build this on your own? Think Again.

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  • "Timesheets has great functionality and support. It works great and the support I got when installing, adapting and configuring the module was super."

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