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Feature Rich & Customizable Mobile Application For SugarCRM

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SugarCRM – Employee App

Get Fully Native Android and iOS Mobile App for your SugarCRM

Mobile CRM is not a fad or trend anymore. It’s a reality that all customer focussed business have to face sooner or later, even if they don’t want to. When everything is moving to mobile your CRM and customer interactions can’t be tied to immobile desktops and bulky laptops.

At AppJetty we are making Mobile CRM a reality for Sugar users the simplest and the most cost effective way possible - through our customer developed SugarCRM plugin and Android/iOS mobile app combo. SugarMob - SugarCRM Employee App is the quickest way for you to adopt mobile CRM. Just install the plugin in your Sugar system, connect it with the mobile app, customise it as per your requirement and you are done. Getting a world class mobile app for your CRM can’t be simpler than that!

Why Opt for SugarMob

  • SurgarMob is easiest way you can have a mobile app for your CRM. It’s just a matter of downloading the plugin and the mobile app and connecting the two.
  • Since SugarMob is a native app, it has been optimized for user experience on both Android and iOS. You don’t have to compromise user experience with other hybrid apps.
  • You get to decide which modules you want your employees to have access to and also the layout of each module.
  • Since your CRM is now on mobile, you can easily import all your phone contacts into your CRM.
  • You get to enjoy all the usual benefits of mobile CRM like 24X7 customer engagement, anytime anywhere data update, increases CRM adoption amongst employees, etc.

Access Your CRM Data On-the-Move!

SugarMob from AppJetty is a feature-rich and customizable mobile application for SugarCRM. Available for both iOS and Android platforms, this app allows role based accessibility to users and also allows admin to integrate all or selected CRM modules dynamically with the app. The app is equipped with an interactive dashboard and provides analytical reports and graphical charts for all available CRM data.

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Key Product Features

Customize Modules and Layouts

Manage sales for multiple processes from one CRM Application. Page layouts help your sales representatives to view and access personalized data, and to function independently. With modules and fields selection, you get everything you need to design your own layouts.

For a personalized CRM application, add custom modules to narrow in on what matters for your industry and display only those modules which you wish to.

Provide role based accessibility to app users. Load modules in the app according to the role assigned to the user. You can also provide operational access as per assigned role like edit, view, delete etc.

Elegant And Smooth User Interface

SugarMob application comes with a rich user interface. It leverages to provide a customizable menu where you can add your own menu items to access your business specific modules or replace existing ones.

The high-end Dashboard provides shortcuts relevant to the business process, with a quick overview that decision makers need, to observe the health and opportunities of the business. It allows you to bring the core part of the application at one place which helps to make better business decisions on the go.

Never miss out on a business opportunity! With SugarMob Calendar, you can schedule, manage and track your meetings and tasks. Easily schedule and track your day-to-day tasks and view the activities for the day or the whole month.

Never miss a follow-up

View your own records in a module or view all CRM records in the list view of a module.

Extend your CRM capability in the application with the list of all related modules. Get a bird’s eye view of related records with the ability to display all the data of related modules and analyze them in a central location.

It is always important to stay in touch with your customer. Reach out to your customers, so that you’ll always be on top of them and your pipeline. SugarMob lets you call, SMS, email or even locate your prospects on Map right from the App. It'll be the one place for all of your communications.

Exclusive CRM Functionalities

No need to stop yourself from using SugarCRM based functionalities like importing contacts or converting a lead. SugarMob now includes these exclusive SugarCRM features also.

Import phone contacts to SugarCRM and create a new contact in just a few clicks. As leads mature, convert them into Contacts, Accounts or Opportunities.

Mass update or delete records from modules or export records in CSV format.

View reports in the App or download them in PDF format in a single click.

View All Recent Activities

SugarMob is a fully dynamic app that includes every customer touch point at every stage of the customer lifecycle, so you can efficiently close deals and takes a look at your whole performance. With an automatically generated list of activities for a day, you can ensure instantaneous follow-ups and updates so there are no opportunities that you miss out.

View records that you recently added or the records you viewed recently. This will let you avoid navigating to a module time and again. SugarMob also lets you set the modules you wish to display in the recent records along with the priority.

Set-up your preferences

The app settings allow you to set the pagination limit, enable offline data sync and manage modules for the main & quick create menu. You can also change your password, update your profile information and all these preferences will apply instantly to your mobile app.

SugarMob now also supports LDAP authentication of SugarCRM increasing its password management ability.

Analytical Charts

Get insights of your business life cycle with sales performance metrics, conversion rates, and outcome charts. Get real-time insights to sell faster and easier by improving your sales with analytics. SugarMob analytical charts make sure you have the information and the insights to make smart and quick decisions based on your sales metrics.

Offline Support

The good news is, this app works offline too. You can stay connected with on-site sales team from remote locations even if you are not connected online. Go offline, reconnect as and when you feel and sync all your offline data across SugarCRM. Offline support allows you to fetch data by creating drafts in the Sugar modules. Once you're reconnected, you can review and sync your data with the help of SugarMob’s offline sync monitor. Sync all your offline records in one go or sync them module wise. Also get the stats of records being synced.

Global Search

Now avoid the tedious task of navigating to each module to find a record; obtain the record you wish to find, from the dashboard itself. With the Global Search functionality search across all CRM modules and find what you want.

Multi Lingual

Expand your reach with the Multi Language support. It provides the capability to allow users to interact with you in more than one language. SugarMob supports all the languages supported by SugarCRM. You could also add a language pack to suit your requirements.


Have a bird’s-eye-view of the business relationship with a customer along with all their data and transactions.

View module-wise records from the detail view of a record. Link existing or newly created record with the selected record.

Call logging

Directly log calls from contacts added in the CRM. Once a call from any contact is completed, log that call to the contact in CRM. This will automatically generate a new record in the call module.

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