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SugarMob from AppJetty is a feature-rich and customizable mobile application for SugarCRM. Available for both iOS and Android platforms, this app allows role based accessibility to users and also allows admin to integrate all or selected CRM modules dynamically with the app. The app is equipped with an interactive dashboard and provides analytical reports and graphical charts for all available CRM data.

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Highlighting Features:

Customize Modules and Layouts

For a personalized CRM application, add custom modules to narrow in on what matters for your industry and display only those modules which you wish to


Interactive Dashboard

With an easy to use interface and functionalities get most out of the CRM from the Dashboard itself.

360 ° View

Access related information concerning the business relationship with the customer and the data associated with each one

Offline Sync Monitor

Go offline without any worries. Save records offline and sync them later when you become online

Analytical Charts

Get real time insights of your sales metrics and make quick and easier decisions

Smart Calendar

Set your schedule by adding all your meetings and tasks in the calendar

View All Recent Activities

View records that you recently added or the records you viewed recently

Set-up your preferences

The app settings allow you to set the pagination limit, enable offline data sync and manage modules for the main & quick create menu.

Manage Profile

Easily manage your profile and update the information from the Application

Never miss a follow-up

View your own records in a module or view all CRM records in the list view of a module.

It is always important to stay in touch with your customer. Reach out to your customers, so that you’ll always be on top of them and your pipeline. SugarMob lets you call, SMS, email or even locate your prospects on Map right from the App. It'll be the one place for all of your communications.

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