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Have experts evaluate your SugarCRM instance in three key areas of CRM success.


Do you ever wonder if you are failing to maximize your CRM system?

We believe every Sugar system has room to improve. That's why we offer Sugar System Evaluations where our team of experts will review your current system settings and user activity. After the evaluation is complete, your organization will have a written report that will guide you in improving the effectiveness of Sugar in your organization.

Areas Evaluated:

  • User Adoption
  • System Security
  • System Optimization through Strategic Configurations
  • Integrations & Plugins


What You'll Learn:

  • What are the areas of our CRM we need to improve upon?
  • Is our CRM strategy guiding us to meet our goals?
  • Are we taking advantage of opportunities to customize our system?
  • How does my CRM performance compare to industry standards?

About Epicom

Epicom is a technology solutions firm focused on consulting and executing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Marketing Automation deployments, customizations and integrations. Epicom is dedicated to helping companies be successful and grow by providing comprehensive software solutions and services including training, support and CRM hosting.

Epicom is one of SugarCRM's top Elite partners and winner of the 2014 Sugar Partner Global Leader Award. For more information, call 512-481-9000, visit, or follow us on Twitter @epicomcorp.

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