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Social Login for SugarCRM majorly reduces the end user’s tiring job to remember the password for their CRM. It also facilitates the admin to manage the User Requests of users who are new in the CRM. Moreover, admin can also choose whether to ‘Auto Approve’ or ‘Manual Approve’ login requests of a new user.

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Social Login For SugarCRM

This plugin automatically allows all the users to login directly into the CRM by using the Google account. Social Login For SugarCRM saves users from maintaining multiple email addresses and remember their passwords. Users can simply log into the system with a single email address without creating any separate login credentials of the CRM. Such flexibility of plugin also takes care of admin’ authority and allows them scrutinize this login process with ‘Auto Approve’ or ‘Manual Approve’.

Product Features of SugarCRM Social Login

  • Direct Login into SugarCRM: Users can directly Login into the SugarCRM through their active Google Account, which clearly reduces the tiery job of remembering the passwords.
  • Direct Registration into SugarCRM: Users can directly Sign Up / Register into the SugarCRM through their active Google Account only on a single click which helps the user save their precious time.
  • Manage Login / Sign Up Requests: Admin can manage the Login / Sign Up requests of the users.

User Benefits of SugarCRM Social Login

  • Direct Login into SugarCRM: The plugin enables users to manage their operation with a single login credential. It overcomes their hurdles of remembering multiple password and maintaining separate CRM login accounts.
  • Direct Registration into SugarCRM: Users can sign up and register for the SugarCRM with the Google account that they are using for their business operations. Admin can choose to allow them to sign up with automated approval or can also approve their sign-up requests manually.

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Share only the data that is relevant with specific users. Make the most out of this plugin and protect the data of your SugarCRM from getting leaked!

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