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Acquire new customers by capturing leads or company details from Linkedin using Enjay Limeberry LinkedIn add-on for Sugar CRM. Enjay Limeberry allows you to capture all details of LinkedIn Profiles (Individual & Companies) into your CRM and then manage everything in your CRM.

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Enjay Limeberry is an extension for Google Chrome which associates LinkedIn with Sugar CRM. In one single click you can capture contact and after that you can search, edit and update inside your CRM. No need to waste your time for entering LinkedIn details manually.

Who can use Enjay Limeberry?

This tool is very useful for Business owner, Sales manager, HR Teams and other employees who are responsible for lead generation & want to save their precious time in lead generation.


How can Enjay Limeberry maximize your Business?

Automate sales and maximize productivity

No more wasting time on entering contact details manually. Target what really matters to your business - which is client relationship and not including client detail into your CRM, Concentrate more on clients.

Addon that Closes More Leads Faster

One of the key reason to use Enjay limeberry is because more leads means more opportunities and more opportunities means more sales.

Sync your connection

Get a list of Contacts/Leads records that matches with the email-id of your LinkedIn connections.
Get a list of Accounts records that matches with the website of your LinkedIn connections.

Find Duplicate Record

You can search matching records by Email-id or website from Extension.

Merge Existing Record

Enhanced Merge Functionality that allows you to merge your existing CRM record with the respective LinkedIn connection. You can see exact number of connections.

Easy to Install, intuitive and always available

An installation to your CRM is smooth with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface and foolproof menus. Just add Enjay Limeberry package to chrome extensions and enter your SugarCRM credentials, and we are good to go.

Ready to Get Started, See How exactly does Enjay Limeberry work?

Let's see 3 simple steps towards accelerating your sales today

Step 1. Find a fresh contact on LinkedIn that you'd want to include to your SugarCRM.


Step 2. Simply click on the import button and import the contacts from LinkedIn in one click. The plugin will analyzes the contact information and determines whether it is already existed in your Sugar CRM.


Step 3. The plugin will automatically create a fresh lead or contact into the CRM, and the contact’s details will be exported right into your CRM.


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