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Enhance your SugarCRM with an impressive, cost-effective Asterisk integration which will bring phone communication in your company to a new level.

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A Better Phone System

Combines SugarCRM with one of the world's most popular open source voice communication software. SugarCRM and Asterisk integration improves efficiency of your phone communication by giving you more information and more options for each call you make or receive.

Fully automatic call history. Any incoming or outgoing call is logged and recorded in your SugarCRM.

Demos of Asterisk and SugarCRM Integration

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Features included

  • Incoming calls
  • Outgoing calls
  • Click-to-dial
  • Caller info pop-up window
  • Processing new incoming phone numbers to contacts, accounts, leads and other modules
  • Calls are automatically logged and recorded into SugarCRM
  • Download each call record as a file from SugarCRM
  • Works perfectly both with landlines (with SIP-functions) and softphones
  • Integration with IP-PBX Asterisk
  • Any incoming call is registered in SugarCRM and attached to the history of the corresponding module - even if the user is not logged in
  • Fully compatible with all standard SugarCRM modules

Pricing Model

We offer one pricing model for our solution: One-time $2000 for the instance + one-time $100 per User license (both payments are required in order to get the full package - instance + license keys)

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