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Easily see what your SugarCRM users are seeing by logging in as that user without having to pass around passwords. Quickly troubleshoot issues, help configure user dashboards, or train your staff.

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Stop Sharing Passwords

No more passing around passwords via email or sticky notes. Just go to the User record in Sugar and click on the "Log in as" link in the action dropdown. When you are done, click on "Switch back to" menu link to go back to your session.

Start Saving Valuable Time

As one happy user puts it:

The Login/Sudo module has saved me and my administrators a ton of time and has helped us better serve our end users from a support and development perspective.

John Kalantzis – Bray International, Inc.

The Login is Great Feature For...

  • Troubleshooting user issues
  • Training users
  • Phasing in new configurations

Sugar 7 and On-Demand

Works great with the latest release of SugarCRM.

Supports CE, too!

"I use this feature all the time."
- Mark Hodgson

This feature is already included in SecuritySuite
Purchase this add-on only if you do not need the full SecuritySuite add-on.

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  • "A definite must-have for any Administrator. Saves time and increases end-user support!"

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