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SMS for Sugar is a module developed by Synolia allowing you to send SMS individually or in batches in SugarCRM.

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SMS for Sugar: Improve your customer experience

Improve your customer experience

Thanks to SMS for Sugar, your customer experience gets even better! With this module, you can build a stronger, more personal and intimate relationship with your customers and prospects.

By sending them SMS, you are investing on a channel with infinite potential. SMS for Sugar also keeps track of the SMS conversations your team has with your customers. You can therefore contextualise each conversation and respond quickly to your buyers’ needs.

Streamline your communication

With SMS for Sugar, you make sure you deliver a seamless communication in line with your editorial policy. With it, you can create SMS templates which are then made available to your teams.

This guarantees consistent, tailored and contextualised messages as well as an excellent and error-free text quality. And bonus: SMS for Sugar is compliant with RGPD requirements and only sends messages to people who have given their consent. This avoids the hassle of authorisations.

Save time in your customer relations

SMS for Sugar allows you to embed sending SMS into your workflows. This way, your messages are automatically sent following a predefined trigger in your scenario.

Your customers benefit from a personalised and real-time communication, without any effort needed on your team’s side. Therefore they can fully focus on tasks with higher added value.

SMS for Sugar allows you to:

  • Send bulk SMS or just send one with Twilio credit service to accounts, contacts or prospects (Synolia can also help make SMS for Sugar operational with any other SMS credit provider)
  • Create SMS templates that can be used by your entire company
  • Keep a record of your SMS discussions with your customers
  • Send SMS only to the people who have given their consent and stay GDPR compliant
  • Automate SMS sendings within workflows
  • Monitor the sent progress of SMS in SugarCRM

Easy to use:

You can send a personalized and unique SMS to a contact or an account.


For your promotional operations, create your SMS campaigns and promote your products or services in a minimum of time and to a qualified target.


Use your own SMS service:

SMS for Sugar module natively use Twilio SMS service. We invite you to contact us at for any request to upgrade the module for connecting with another supplier.

Why should you trust Synolia?


As the first historical partner to SugarCRM since 2004, Synolia maintains a close and preferred relationship with the software company. They have carried out many complex and diverse projects together and keep on working hand in hand to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. As the first French partner and only Elite partner in France to SugarCRM, Synolia has the largest pool of expertise in the country with more than 20 certified employees.

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With more than 15 years of experience in CRM projects, Synolia offers modules that are fully tailored to your needs and easy to use. If needed, Synolia can also assist you with their implementation and management. All you have to do: send an email to Our team will get back to you quickly.

Check out the User Guide to see what you can do with SMS for Sugar

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