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Control what your users can access and save time, money, and frustrations. Lock down sensitive data in SugarCRM or SuiteCRM to specific groups or teams. Supports unlimited assigned users, unlimited group assignments to records, custom layouts for each group, login/sudo capabilities and much more.

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It is not working. Below error is coming.
"Specified directory '' for zip file 'upload://' extraction does not exist."

  1. eggsurplus member avatar

    eggsurplus Provider Affiliate

    11 months ago

    Hi there!

    I'm happy to help. This error can happen to any add-on that gets installed in your CRM if the file permissions of your web application aren't set correctly. This causes either the upload to not save the file locally or makes it so that it cannot unzip and copy files over due to lack of rights.

    To resolve this, I suggest addressing the file permissions and ownership. Here is a script that may help you in your case:

    Hope this helps! Once you get that figured out and the installation completes be sure to run the following three steps. Everything will work great after that:

    • Admin -> Repair -> Quick Repair & Rebuild (execute any generated SQL)
    • Admin -> Repair -> Rebuild Relationships
    • Admin -> Repair -> Repair Roles



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