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Track billable hours on Projects, and Project Tasks in SuiteCRM. Then generate an invoice that you can send to your customers from the Project Tasks you created.

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Have you ever wanted to easily track time you spend on tasks for your customers, then invoice your customers for that time? Check out Time Tracker Professional. An ideal application for organizations who bill based on hourly work done by their employees or freelancers. This module makes tracking your project tasks associated to your resources in SuiteCRM a breeze! Additionally, you can easily convert your timesheets to invoices in SuiteCRM to send to your customers.

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Log Time on Projects, and Project Tasks - Easily add your time to projects, and project tasks for tracking.
Log Multiple Times with the Matrix Views- Forgot to log your hours at the end of the week? No problem, log them all from a single view.

Timesheet View

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General Features
Track time against Projects, and Project Tasks
Timesheet View to Enter Time
Compatible with SugarCRM
Compatible with SuiteCRM
Generate Invoices
Track time against all modules in CRM -
Embedded Start/End Timer for Project Tasks -
Generate Professional Timesheet PDF -
Email PDF within CRM -
Dedicated Reporting Module -
Export to Data to CSV and PDF -
Query Timesheet Data -
Notification Management
Automatically Notify Users of Open Project Tasks -
Screen Pop Notifications -
Automatic Daily Email Reminders to Users to Track Time -
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Convert a Timesheet to an invoice

Convert Timesheet to Invoice

Generate an Invoice
After that, System will generate an invoice and move to the edit view of the invoice.

Generate an Invoice

Track Billable Hours - Track the resources on your team who are billable and update their profiles with their rate.
Generate Invoices from Project Task Tracking - Generate an invoice to your customers from the time you track in your matrix and bill it to your customers.
Setup Hourly Rates - If your hourly rates vary by resource or by user, you can set up a user profile rate for automatically billing in an invoice.
Track Project Resource Allocation - Track your Project Resource productivity more accurately.
Quickly Bill Customers - Quickly convert your project tasks and time spent into invoices.
Improve Revenue - Increase the quality and accuracy of your invoicing and billing. Accurately identify how resources are spending their time and on what.
Support for Multiple Billing Scenarios - Associating projects to your Sugar/SuiteCRM accounts enables you to easily bill different rates to different clients.

Looking for Reporting?

SuiteCRM Timesheets & Invoicing does what it does well which is tracking time and generating invoices based on that time. If you need more than that such as reporting or notifications (see comparison grid above) then Timesheet Ninja is a better solution for you.

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