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Add images to any SugarCRM module and any view using this new Studio and Module Builder field. Supports an unlimited number of photos on a record. Simply add a new custom field for each photo needed.

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This module adds a new field type to your Sugar install so that you can easily add a photo field to any screen.


  • Can display images on all views including Detail, List, Dashlets, Subpanels, and even Popup Pickers
  • Adds a "Photo" field type in Studio or Module Builder
  • Allows for an unlimited number of photo fields on a page
  • Uploading a new image will simply overwrite the previous image
  • Checking the "Clear Image" checkbox will remove the currently uploaded image
  • When creating the field you can specify a static size or dynamic size for the image.

When using a static size it is best to resize the image as close to the desired size as possible before uploading.

This module does not auto-resize, crop, etc any uploaded image.

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  • "Great Add-On. Now, SugarCRM CE has become the perfect backend for this model agency."

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