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In one click, the PAL-QuickPreview plugin pulls up each record's related information in the SugarCRM preview side-pane layout. This single-window view eliminates the need to open each record in a new tab, so your team can quickly get the right information and maintain an efficient workflow.

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Quickly Display Each Record's Related Information

Using PAL-QuickPreview, you can get helpful information that relates to each record in a convenient SugarCRM side-pane layout. With everything you need open in one window, forget the hassle of opening multiple tabs to view more details that pertain to a certain record.

  • Saves time with quick access to important information
  • Works great with any hosting service, including SugarCRM On Demand
  • Module does not support BWC modules

See How it Works

side-car module.png

Default Record View

Below is the information you can have on QuickPreview buttons.


On The Listview It will looks like this.


On The PopupView It will look like this.


On The Sub-Panel It will Looks like this.


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