by Vedisoft

MailSputnik is a useful interface between Microsoft Outlook and SugarCRM. Find more information about the email sender right in your Outlook and in one simple click, add them as a new contact to your CRM.

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Know more about your email contacts and add them to SugarCRM in one click

With MailSputnik for SugarCRM, you don't need to make ten clicks to find more information about people in your email communications. MailSputnik is a tool that finds contact information in SugarCRM, so you can easily get to know more about any contacts whose email addresses were mentioned in the message (events, opportunities, letters, attachments).


  1. Identify your client without opening SugarCRM
  2. Add new clients to SugarCRM from Outlook

How it Works

MailSputnik is an add-on for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019. It appears as an additional panel to the right of the email message. The main function of MailSputnik is to integrate your CRM system and Outlook, so your users can save time searching for customer contact details and more information.

1. All information about the client in Outlook

With MailSputnik you don't need to make ten clicks to find more information about people related to your emails. MailSputnik finds contact information in SugarCRM and displays it right next to your open email window.

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2. One click is enough to add client to SugarCRM

If the add-on does not find any CRM contacts that have the same email address as mentioned in the message, it will offer users the ability to create a new contact. MailSputnik searches contact information in the message and automatically fills form fields to create a new contact. You only need to click the "Add to CRM" button and the new contact will appear in SugarCRM.