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Save time and sell more by focusing on the right leads. Prioritize your leads so that you can sell to the right people and the right time. Custom weight your leads based on what is important to your business.

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Lead Scoring makes sales more efficient by focusing on the most promising leads first and helps align sales and marketing by clearly delineating which leads marketing owns and which leads Sales owns based on lead priority.

Increase sales efficiency and effectiveness

Lead scoring focuses sales attention on leads that the organization deems most valuable, ensuring that leads that are unqualified or have low perceived value are not sent to sales for engagement. Through this prioritization process, sales receives higher-quality leads, which increases conversion rates – the percentage of leads that teleprospecting and sales accept from marketing, the percentage that become sales qualified, and the percentage that become won business

Increase marketing effectiveness

A lead scoring model quantifies for marketers what types of leads or lead characteristics matter most. This helps marketing more effectively target its inbound and outbound programs and deliver more high-quality leads to sales

Align Marketing with Sales

Lead scoring helps strengthen the relationship between marketing and sales by establishing a common definition for which lead types are ready for teleprospecting or field sales attention. It provides a common language with which marketing and sales leaders can discuss the quality and quantity of leads generated. Alignment and trust correlate directly with the accuracy of the scoring model; if too many false positives pass the scoring filter, the scoring model loses credibility and, ultimately, its positive impact on marketing and sales alignment

Opportunity Scoring

Need to be able to score your opportunities and not just your leads? Then check out our Opportunity Scoring add-on.

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