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How many of your meetings are improved by screen sharing? Join.Me is an easy to use tool that makes product demos, troubleshooting, and team collaboration easier from remote Windows and Mac systems. Tie the excellent Join.Me service directly into your SugarCRM Meetings with this add-on.

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SugarCRM and Integration

Use SugarCRM to create meetings, and automatically send screenshare links to your customers with the meeting invitation. No more having to hassle with copy/paste and going to a separate system to send meeting links.

Free, Fast, Simple

With Join.Me you can instantly start a screen sharing session with anyone and best of all, Join.Me is free! Now you can take advantage of this powerful meeting tool right from within SugarCRM. When you invite attendees to your meetings they will be sent the Join.Me URL automatically.

Online Meetings with SugarCRM

Add your Join.Me credentials to your SugarCRM user profile, and the Join.Me Meeting Type will appear in the meetings module. This integration integrates into the existing "Invite Attendees" email functionality, sending your meeting members the Join.Me URL to access your session directly. Within SugarCRM, you'll click the "Host URL" which will have you download the Join.Me tool and begin hosting the meeting.

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