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Marketing Automation Made Easy for SugarCRM. Made for both marketing and sales. Made for SugarCRM. Made for you. Designed specifically for Sugar, we help you do marketing automation the right way across all channels; email, website, chat, SMS, telephony, ads, blog posts, and more.

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    7:38 pm October 19th, 2016 | share link

    It's so easy to learn and use! This is my first time using a tool of this caliber and its been a pleasure working through and learning the functionalities. The integration into SugarCRM makes its super helpful to have everything in one spot. The customization and automations are easy to set up and use. We've been able to save money, by doing campaigns in house with the easy to use templates, rather than paying a designer. I appreciate all the support we've received from James and truly feel like he cares to make this work in the best ways for us as a company, rather than to provide general support.

    I've used other CRM integrations and my overall experience is just excellent.

    We have created automations in Inbox25 via our website that has saved us time and embarrassment. Prior to Inbox25 our auto responses lacked content, important information for follow up and simply customization. We've also been able to start a Marketing e-mail program that communicates with our CRM database. It has saved us money on designing and hosting of data. Everything is in one spot now. The features and reports have created excitement within our sales staff too because they see it working and driving business. I'm excited for what else Inbox25, together with Sugar CRM, will do to help create a more automated world for us.

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    9:04 pm October 15th, 2015 | share link

    Inbox has amazing features that other platforms do not - particularly in their price range. I really appreciate the integration and workflows with SugarCRM and SuiteCRM. We needed to automate a messaging string that had a number of complex if this, then that conditions. Inbox handles this beautifully and it also will update sugar fields based on responses in the email.

    We were using Act-on and decided to look for something more affordable and in doing so found Inbox25 which is so much more robust than Act-on in the way it integrates with Sugar. Act-on has a big selling feature of how great their support staff is - and yes it is - but Inbox25 will actually do the set up for you. That was a real selling point for me because I didn't have time to rebuild our sequences in a new platform.

    I'm sure that holds back others from switching. My recommendation - don't let the fact you have to rebuild stop you from upgrading your marketing automation, Inbox25 has great people to support you and actually do the work.

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    6:33 pm August 3rd, 2015 | share link

    I have been using Inbox25 for several years now and have to say the benefits are many, especially the automated content stream and ability to set up drip campaigns. Our use of segmented drip campaigns for lead generation has been most rewarding. We are seeing top line revenue growth and have landed some really nice accounts that we worked with Inbox25 campaigns over a period of months.

    The value of the system integration to SugarCRM is tough to beat. We are able to see what the prospect has viewed in campaigns as well as website visits to tailor our follow-up calls and set appointments. The email builder is easy to use and the support team has been great in helping with any issues or fine tuning of content streams. Very much worth the investment!

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  • "We are seeing top line revenue growth and have landed some really nice accounts. The value of the system integration to SugarCRM is tough to beat. Very much worth the investment!" - Michael Cunningham

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