by Nicolas Woirhaye

The predictive lead generation solution is used by marketing and sales team who target the European markets. Named as a "secret sauce" by Oracle, Google, VMware, Tibco and other fast-growing sales teams.

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IKO System is a sales trigger events application coupled with the largest database of executives in Europe

  • 30 million professional contacts in Europe in all industries
  • hundreds of buying signals to prioritize sales actions and focus on most-likely buyers (new budgets, appointments…)

A solution to outgrow your market

  • New European leads ranked by buying probability
  • 8x more effective than traditional outbound prospecting
  • ROI measured from x10 up to x300

The largest prospecting database in Europe

  • 30 million professional contacts (with direct line, email and social profiles) : Board members, Top-Executives, Sales, Marketing, Communication, HR, Finance, Administrative
  • Advanced filters to find your targets: location, industry, job title, keyword, management role
  • Intelligence on the accounts your competitors are prospecting.

Predictive leads for prospecting

  • Detection of sales-ready opportunities to fill the sales pipeline
  • Flow of top-ranked leads matching your targets (job, management level, industry, company size, location…)
  • Alerts on accounts targeted by your competitors or partners.

Control and speed up your sales cycle

  • Upselling opportunities in your accounts : appointments, competitors, new projects, etc
  • Flow of buying signals : acquisitions, restructuring, product launch… (100+ buying signals)
  • Flow of competitive threats
  • Flow of new projects raised by your partners.

As soon as the add-on is installed, you have to create an account on You can try out the standalone solution on our website before installing the SugarCRM add-on.

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