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Managing projects between employees, partners and customers has never been easier. With the integration of IBM Connections into Sugar, you can view all the communities you are part of. Within each community you can view members, view and edit the latest updates, activities and files uploaded.

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What is IBM Connections?

IBM Connections is a social networking platform that helps your company to get work done successfully by improving knowledge sharing, decision-making and innovate projects. You can create communities to share files internally in your company, with partners or customers to ease the process of a project to eliminate system duplicates.

Communities in IBM Connections

What is Sugar?

Sugar is a CRM platform, where you can keep track on existing and potential customers. The platform offers you the opportunity to create a 360-degree customer activity history, where you can see exactly what interactions you have had with customers, what they brought earlier and create reports to spot future opportunities.

IBM Connections in Sugar

Why connect Sugar and IBM Connections?

Communities from IBM Connections can be viewed in Sugar, so you can easily see the members of communities, activities, files uploaded and updates. Sharing ideas and discussing opportunities foster a reliable and transparent environment that engage and inspire partners, customers and employees to creativity. The interaction between Sugar and IBM Connections makes it possible for you to view and edit activities and files and see the latest updates from other community members. The newest version of a file will always be accessible in Sugar. Both systems can be accessed through mobile, so you can increase productivity, improve decision-making and accelerate time to market.



  • Activities: View, manage and organize tasks and quickly complete them. Activities can be marked as entry, task or section.
  • Files: Share documents, presentations and images. Upload documents in Sugar and choose community for storage in IBM Connections. You get a full file and text search in IBM Connections from Sugar.
  • Updates: Work together with people who have common interests, roles, and expertise and view their latest contributions to the project.
  • Tasks: When you create a task in Sugar, it can either be marked as a Sugar task or IBM Connection activity.


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