Hootsuite for Sugar

( From the Labs)

by iZeno Pte Ltd

Manage your social media campaigns more effectively! Are you wasting time and effort toggling between Sugar and social accounts? Hootsuite for Sugar allows you to create and convert leads, and create cases from complaints, directly from social media posts streamed in the Hootsuite dashboard.

Convert Social Media Leads Easily

Hootsuite for Sugar allows a social marketing team to collaborate with sales and service teams using Sugar by embedding Sugar into Hootsuite. You can create and convert leads, or create support tasks from complaints, on a wide range of social media posts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, WeChat, and YouTube) directly from your Hootsuite dashboard into SugarCRM.

Unite Sugar's powerful customer relationship management software and Hootsuite's social media stream to be more productive and fuel more growth!

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Features & Benefits

  • Pull information from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, WeChat and YouTube posts into your SugarCRM
  • Create and link records in primary modules within SugarCRM: Leads, Contacts, and Accounts
  • Create and view activities modules in SugarCRM: Calls, Meetings, Notes, Tasks, Cases
  • View Opportunities related to an Account or Contact
  • Convert Leads record into Accounts and Contacts record
  • Supports Full-Text Search of Sugar data


Compatible with all supported versions of Sugar Enterprise, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Serve.

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