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Striking Features. A Completely Rethought UI. Give your users a familiar user interface that makes them more efficient and effective with SugarCRM CE. Powerful features abound such as favorites, quick reminders, subpanels as tabs, and unlimited dashboards. On top of the click reducing interface, these feature make it a must-have tool for any organization looking to improve their bottom line.

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The Theme itself works very nice. Especially on iPad it is a beautiful addon. But two caveats:
1) there is no deinstall button for the theme. I actually do not know what to do, if I want to deinstall the theme or what happens if the 1 year period will be at the end.
2) the german translation is not perfect. Some menu items stay in english. further more the theme does not recognize a german translation file.

  1. christianknoll member avatar

    christianknoll Provider

    9 years ago

    Andreas, (1) unfortunately SugarCRM does not provide support to have such a theme uninstalled. Since we need to make changes to some core files to make things work and also fix some sugar bugs this is a limitation we cannot bypass. And (2) there is no official german translation. There is one german language filke that was erroneously copied in and will be removed. If you want to translate it yourself you can do that. Should there be labels that are not fully translated please let us know and we will of course fix this. christian.

  • "Was working great on my test system but now it won't install on n 6.5.16, any ideas?" - cmoore

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