Google Ads Audit

( From the Labs)

by Clever Ads

Google Ads Audit is an app that will improve the performance of your Google Ads campaigns (as well as Bing & Facebook in the near future) by telling them the weaknesses and strengths of their campaigns and metrics

Start getting the most out of your Google Ads campaigns!

Audit your Google Ads campaigns now and unleash their full potential. Google Ads Audit will tell you exactly what needs to be changed as soon as possible and what should be improved. Software based on machine learning and developed by Clever Ecommerce, a leading digital marketing company recognized by Google as a "Premier Google Partner".

Trusted by more 69.000 merchants all over the world!

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Why should you use Google Ads Audit?

- Google Ads audit is developed by a Premier Google Partner using machine learning technology, fully integrated with SugarCRM.

- Easy and clear interface.

- Intuitive usage.

- Automatically scans and rates your current Google Ads campaigns.

- Detects the weak points of your campaigns.

- Shows tips to improve your current Google Ads campaigns.

- Gives potential keywords that your campaigns could use.