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Suggestive Maintenance, as we love to call it, Enjay Lustre Care is a complete SugarCRM support package. It is a complete Periodic Audit of your CRM Implementation, where we analyse and report you shortfalls and potential leakages.

Implementing CRM is a critical mixture and balance of technology, management and discipline. In order to help businesses to implement CRM and take maximum advantage of the system, we are introducing our premium SugarCRM support and consultancy package – Enjay Lustre Care.

We also offer Enjay Lustre Care yearly Contracts.

In this, we help Businesses to take maximum advantage of the solution and implement the systems in most optimum ways. We go much beyond doing regular system checks. We do proper Data Quality Management and process Quality Management Checks. We also report to you what are potential revenue leakages and opportunities.

CRM is a process and not a Project; it’s not a one time job. There has to be continuous hand-holding, monitoring and improvement. Things start from Data Quality Management and lead to Process Quality Management, which results in corporate discipline and higher efficiency. This is not predefined textbook consultancy, but a very practical approach to attaining Excellence in management. There is more of an management approach rather than mere software implementation.


  1. Periodic Business Process Review & Audit, where we match the actual business process being carried out versus that is being recorded in CRM. The process done by your team and Process shown in CRM has to be same. Generally we submit reports every month.
    Personal Visits to your office premises to understand challenges faced by your team and management. Meeting your team and discussing their challenges. We understand their Job Description and then match their CRM usage according to it.
  2. Data Quality Management. Incomplete Data, Incorrect data or irrelevant data is dirty data, which is not useful, in fact it is dangerous. Reports that are taken from these kind of data will never be correct and meaningful enough to take right decisions. We do periodic checks of whether data collected in the CRM System are proper or not.
  3. Process Quality Management. Main purpose of using CRM is automations and work-flows, which are supposed to ease your business and increase efficiency. We check and report to you any discrepancies in your processes. This is important since the cost to the company of any such process gaps is very high.
  4. Detailed and Periodic Reporting. We give reports to management regarding all our observations and findings.
    Guidance on Business Process Management. Most of the times people migrate to CRM from a manual system. So the processes are not optimised for an automated system. Lots of CRM potential is lost because the systems are designed by people who are used to managing older systems. We can help you to maximise the automation, there by increasing the efficiency.
  5. Reporting on Missed Opportunities and Potential revenue leakages. Imagine a report where you can analyse why leads are marked as dead and why opportunities are lost. That gives a great insight. OR in case you are in business of AMC / Contracts, implementing best practices for increasing renewals will be great advantage.


  1. Better Process Implementation, which helps you create a professionally managed Process Oriented Organisation.
  2. Continuous improvement in efficiency leads to higher profitability.
  3. Better reporting helps you create a more transparent organisation with lesser stress and healthier work environment.


  • Once we sign a contract with you for this assignment we create certain reports in your system.
  • We check these reports and various other parameters on regular basis.
  • In between, we also meet (face to face or remotely) your team to understand their roles and responsibilities and how they are using CRM to fulfill them.
  • Then we submit report to you and suggest corrective and preventive actions.

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