The natural way to use Dropbox with SugarCRM or SuiteCRM. Dashdrop brings an intuitive interface to managing your Dropbox files. Work with multiple files at once with tools such as cut, copy, and paste. Use the advanced search to quickly find files you need. Change the list layout to be either icons or a list layout.

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Dashdrop for SugarCRM 7 is coming in November, stay posted for details!

Introducing Dashdrop!

Dashdrop is your solution for your document storage needs! Never before has it been easier to manage your files on your CRM. You can easily drag and drop your files directly into your CRM. They will be stored neatly inside your Dropbox account! Save time and effort. Try Dashdrop today!
"Having a single place to store my files has really improved my team's efficiency. We no longer need to upload the files into documents and then store backups in our Dropbox. If you work with files in your CRM you should really consider buying this product."
- Sam Miller


Stunning User Interface!

Our Windows Explorer-like file manager makes it simple to use. Its intuitive design will have you working right away. It's so easy you won't need the user guide...But we still have one!
"The right click toolbar was so easy to use. I could copy, paste, delete, upload, and more."
- Matt Smith


Two Options to Manage Files

Are you tired of having only one way to view your files and folders? One of Dashdrop's strengths is to give users two options to manage files. Dashdrop allows users to view files as a simple listing of files along with a graphical icon listing using thumbnails. Choose whichever suits your viewing needs!
"Everyone loves options. Sometimes I prefer seeing my files as icons rather than a list."
- Sandra Lopez


Find Your Files with Advanced Search

It's quicker than ever to find the files you're looking for using Dashdrop's advanced search. The built-in search will allow you to search your Dropbox folders quickly.
"Sometimes I just can't remember a name of a file that I created months ago. The search feature is invaluable for moments like these."
- Stephanie Lee, Global Import Partners


Cut, Copy, and Paste Your Documents

We out beat our competition by allowing you to work with multiple files with this time saving feature. You can effortlessly make copies, delete, and move files with your mouse. We offer the unique feature of being able to select more than one file.
"The cut, copy, and paste features are wonderful. I looked into similar products and did not see cut, copy, or paste in them."
- James Sinclair


Key Features

  • Add files to any SugarCRM / SuiteCRM record and sync them to Dropbox cloud storage.
  • Access all Dropbox content related to records within SugarCRM / SuiteCRM.
  • Attached files can be shared as links from inside SugarCRM / SuiteCRM.

How It Works

  • A folder will be created in the integrated Dropbox account for every lead, contact, and account present in SugarCRM / SuiteCRM.
  • The SugarCRM / SuiteCRM files get synced in the user's desktop under the 'Dropbox' folder.
  • All Dropbox documents attached to individual CRM records will be available in the Dropbox cloud app folder named 'Dashdrop File Manager'.

Dashdrop for CRM removes the back and forth email conversations often needed between salespeople when they are collaborating and editing documents. Create folders for all content related to SugarCRM / SuiteCRM records, and use the Dashdrop Extension to access them on the cloud.


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