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Easily track relationships between accounts. Add this Connections Dashlet to your accounts dashboard to quickly link accounts and view their relationships.

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Link Your Accounts

It can get confusing to track which accounts are related to other accounts which often leads to key information not being seen. To avoid those failures, we have created this Connections Dashlet that helps you to see at a glance if a given account is linked to any other accounts.

Connections Dashlet

Create a Connection

Creating an account that is linked to one of your existing accounts? Simply click on the "Create Connection" button to link them.

Unlimited Relationship Types

We have included many of the common relationships between accounts such as:

  • Client
  • Division
  • Legal
  • Parent
  • Partner
  • Other

You can customize this list for your specific industry simply by alterning the connection_list dropdown in Sugar's Dropdown Editor.

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