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Commercient SYNC integrates your Sage 100 ERP system with SugarCRM, so your business can have an updated, 360-degree view of sales and marketing data.

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Commercient SYNC for SAGE100 and SugarCRM

Commercient SYNC, the #1 data integration platform that integrates your data between SAGE100 and SugarCRM.

The Commercient SYNC Agent is rapidly deployable and gives you access to your SAGE100 customer and order information in SugarCRM.

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Save time and money with Commercient SYNC

Eliminate the timely and sometimes costly procedure of hopping between systems to gather all the data you need. Commercient SYNC closes the gap by providing an integration between your Sage 100 ERP and SugarCRM systems, so data changes can be updated one way, or in both directions. Now in SugarCRM, you can see a mirror image of what’s happening in your ERP system. This valuable integration helps businesses streamline sales and customer service, cut costs, increase customer satisfaction and drive profitability.

Harness the cloud for easy and efficient data syncing

Your data is synced to both systems in real-time without the need for manual data entry or the risk of human errors. The Commercient SYNC add-on is easy to implement and doesn't require ETL, mapping or coding, which reduces integration costs by up to 80%. SYNC harnesses the power of the cloud to provide more security, productivity, efficiency and revenue. Having all of the information that’s important to your accounting team and sales department in one easy-to-access place will help your business become more efficient by:

  • Simplifying everyone’s jobs
  • Speeding up the sales process
  • Providing you with one, truly collaborative system

What Commercient initially syncs:

  1. Financial accounting data
  2. Customer data
  3. Sales order data
  4. Invoice data
  5. Products
  6. Custom Workflows, Opportunities, Orders. Invoices, Custom Objects
  7. Plus any other data customers request

Account Detail Configuration:


Sales Order List Configuration:



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