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Need to add a company to SugarCRM, but it's not really a customer or prospect? Want to track your interactions with your partners, PR teams, suppliers, and other non-customer accounts? Stop mixing customers with suppliers and use a new module dedicated to these types of accounts.

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Keep Vendors Separate from Customers

Business Accounts & Partners adds a new Accounts-like module to your SugarCRM.

It feels like a standard SugarCRM module and acts like one so you are able to make customizations right from Studio in order to add/remove fields without having any impact on the base Accounts module.

This means that you are now able to have a completely different layout for your customers and prospects and for your other accounts like suppliers, partners, banks, etc.

Business Accounts & Partners List View

Like the accounts module, you're able to link records to Third-Party modules including:

  • Activities (Tasks, Emails, Meetings, Calls)
  • Contacts (to record the contacts of your supplier for example)
  • Link Business Accounts & Partners to Accounts (and vice-versa) to keep track of suppliers/partners you work with on particular accounts. Your accounts will list the third-parties linked to and from the third-party. You will have an overview of all related accounts too!

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