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Speed up data entry! Add, delete, or edit contacts of an account when creating a new account or editing an existing account. Simply add this BaseContactAdd field to your account editview in Studio.

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The BaseContactAdd plugin for Accounts is a field that allows you to add, delete or edit contacts of an account when creating or editing the account, in the same form.

It's a custom field that, when installed, can be placed anywhere in the accounts editview form through the studio. The field has the most important fields from contacts form in it for quick contact adding - First Name, Last Name, Mobile Phone and description. The field also has a unique checkbox called "Contact as Private".


Contact as Private

"Contact as Private" checkbox - a way to make a contact private to the user that created it. Next to every contact, there is a checkbox that, when checked, will make this contact invisible in the field* to any user other than the one that created it, and the administrator. Also, if the checkbox is not checked, and account with the contacts saved, only the user that created it can set it to private. For others, the checkbox will be disabled, and if any other user makes any change to the contact, then it won't be possible to set it to private even by the user that created it. If the contact is set to private and account with it saved, then the private state can be unset at any time when editing by the user that created it or the administrator, for other users that contact won't even be displayed as said in the beginning.


The field has a "+" button that adds another contact to the field, and every contact has a "-" button that removes the specific contact. When an account, with contacts already added, is opened for editing, the added contacts will be displayed in the contact add field. There you can remove any contacts from the account by pressing the "-" button next to a specific contact, and then saving the account. When removed, the contact itself isn't deleted but just the relation between that account and the contact.

The plugin lets you quickly add contacts to an account when making it, reducing the steps you need to take adding the contact through the panel or even creating the contact in the contacts module.

*It's only invisible in this field, it can still be seen in panels or contact list. To make it completely private and invisible everywhere, an upgrade unsafe method is necessary. It can be implemented, but you will need contact us. If this checkbox is not necessary, use the BaseContactAdd_nonPrivate version that is included.


The contacts will also be visible in the Account List View. The column "Contacts" shows the first contact, but if you left-click on the +# button, a pop-up with all contacts will be shown. (# - any whole number)


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