AWY Tools

( From the Labs)

by Allwithyou

AWY Tools is a support module for all modules from Allwithyou.

AWY Tools provides a unified administrative interface for managing Allwithyou modules (can be used to enter license keys and display options for setting individual Allwithyou modules).



AWY Tools contains 5 important classes and one set of auxiliary functions.

AWY Install

This is a set of features. It is used to install modules from Allwithyou. For example, it allows to define shedullers directly in manifest.php. The Scheduler defined in this way is created when the module is installed and is deleted when you uninstall the module. It also allows to define tables in manifest.php. The table defined in this way is created when the module is installed and is deleted when uninstalled (if the user requires).

AWY Debug

The class implements its own logging for modules from Allwithyou. It is possible to decide what level of information to log (debug / info / error / critical). It is also possible to decide where to store log information (table / file).

AWY LayoutManipulator

It allows to make changes in the module views (like in Studio). It is mainly used when installing modules, it add the AWY Install set of features.

AWY ModuleLog

It stores the statistics of modules. This class is absolutely necessary for modules that have a specific daily limit of queries. It is designed to ensure that this limit is not exceeded.


It allows to create user-friendly PopUp windows and forms.

AWY Helper

It includes auxiliary structures for modules from Allwithyou. For example, it manages the settings of individual modules. Creates a configuration interface in the administration, stores the settings of the appropriate modules.