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Data migrations made easy by the data migration experts. Use our pre-built, automated CRM data migrations to SugarCRM or SuiteCRM from over 20 other CRMs. We also work with other legacy data sources via custom migrations with files, csv, various databases, database dumps, any CRM, any Help Desk, plus other applications.

Complicated Migrations Made Simple

Changing to a new CRM can come with mixed emotions. Usually there is excitement with the potentials of what is possible after changing over. Then there is often fear or anxiety over how to get your old data over accurately.

We get that and that is why we have made migrations easy with Data2CRM, removing that anxiety so that you can focus on the potential.

This unique automated migration service allows you to transfer:

Migrate to SugarCRM or SuiteCRM from various platforms like

Short video about Data2CRM.Migration:

Advantages of Data2CRM

Robust Migration Wizard

Sugar CRM Migration Wizard

CRM data migration is literary reduced to a few mouse clicks in the migration wizard. All you need to do is provide your Source and Target CRM platforms.

Fields mapping

Map fields in Sugar CRM migration

Take advantage of built-in data mapping option and set up the records migration to the selected fields. Also, you can exclude the transition of some fields in case they have no or little value for your business processes.

Custom fields migration

SugarCRM Migration with Fields mapping
You can migrate the custom data fields from your existing CRM to your desired platform, as well as you transfer default records right away from the migration wizard.

User mapping

User mapping
Data2CRM also supports the user mapping, so you can migrate records to the corresponding users on the new platform or choose the other user as well.

Free Demo Migration Available.

SugarCRM Migration with Free Demo Migration
You may easily check out the service in action running a free Demo Migration. Data2CRM transfers a limited amount of default data, like accounts, leads, contacts, users, tasks, etc. to your dream CRM. So, in a split moment, you’ll be able to evaluate the process of migration.

No Business Interruption

SugarCRM Migration with No Business Interruption
Data2CRM does not influence on your business processes. Both platforms will be working properly during the data transfer.

Complete Safety Guaranteed

SugarCRM Migration with Complete Safety Guaranteed
You shouldn’t worry about your data security, Data2CRM just copies information and retrieves it into your new platform.

Sample Migration

Here is a sample video of how a Salesforce to SugarCRM migration would work:

Ready to Get Started?

You can start your free demo migration to see how the service works.


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