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All In One CTI is a computer telephony integration between SugarCRM and most popular PBXs. Easy install. Stable work. 100% support

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All-In-One CTI makes your CRM and telephones best friends!

Supported PBX

  • Asterisk 1.8, Asterisk 11, Asterisk 13
  • FreePBX
  • Elastix
  • Samsung
  • Panasonic
  • LG-Ericsson
  • Android smartphones
  • Softphone Pro

Immediately Know Who is Calling

As a call comes in have a pop-up in SugarCRM appear with who is calling. Not in the system yet? Add them on the spot:

SugarCRM CTI call popup

Automatically Log Calls

Reducing the headache and time it takes to log calls allows your team to field more calls.

Calls are logged automatically:

SugarCRM CTI call history

Want to add notes for the call? Just click on the phone icon next to their name in the popup.


On any contact, account, or lead simply click a phone number and your desk phone will immediately dial the number.

SugarCRM CTI phone number link


  1. Learn who calls you before you start talking (pop-up notification on incoming call)
  2. Dialing number as easy as one-mouse-click (click-to-call)
  3. Save your customer's time from IVRs and secretaries (smart transfer to assigned employee)
  4. Listen to conversation record directly from client page (audio records of phone talks)
  5. It also supports Android devices. All features are supported (pop-up notification, click-to-call, call logs).

Check out the user guide for more information.

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* Free 30 day trial