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This new add-on completes Sugar’s Intelligence Panel by making it possible to add dynamic reports to the Sugar Report Module.

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Want to get an instant and dynamic view of billable hours on different projects, linked to individual staff members or perhaps different cases without creating a new report all over?

No more time-consuming and static reports! The Add+ Intelligence Report Plugin allows you to display all your chosen reports in one central view and visualise your most important data with only a few clicks. As opposed to static reports you now get an instant and dynamic chart of your chosen data without having to leave the account or project you are working on.

Report Overview

Data deep dive – made simple!

By using Add+ Intelligence Reports you can now display all your reports dynamically from any specific data source in one simple view - i.e. monthly invoicing from customers, specific charts for each project or case you might have – even linked to the individual employee.

Benefits and features

Add dynamic reports from the Sugar report module

Use the Sugar report module to add any reports you would like. Get a total overview of all your customers, or enter a specific customer record to make reports based on expected closing dates, cases etc.

Dynamic reports

360 degree view of your customers

Measure the value of each customer, by creating reports measuring different parts of your business to see what they generate. A report can be measured on invoicing, and linked to projects where measure how much time each stakeholder have spend on the project. The projects report is based on the timesheets to see how much time each stakeholder has spend on the project.

360 degree customer view

Custom module support

Create you own customized report using the filter in Sugar to decide what you want to measure upon. Add anything you like, geography, person assigned to etc. You can even measure on your customized Sugar modules. The time period measured upon is also completely customizable, based on actual facts and future anticipations from Sugar.

Custom module support

Very simple configuration of dynamic intelligence panel reports

It is never too late to change your reports. After publishing a report, you can always go back and change your filter without loosing data.

Simple configuration

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Supports On-Demand and On-Premise Hosting

Whether you host your own SugarCRM application or use SugarCRM's On Demand hosting, Add+ Intelligence Reports fully supports it.