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Have an eye on what your employees are doing in Sugar. This add-on comes as an extension to Sugar's Activity Stream module. It tracks users activities on all standard and your custom modules. As the add-on comes with multiple filters it will help admin users to see more specific and relevant information.

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As Sugar's reports module doesn't have the capability to generate and bring data from multiple modules in a single report, it's impossible to have a single point of view of what your users are doing in the system. There is no way in Sugar to see how many records your users are creating/updating everyday across multiple modules.

Our Employee Activities Report plugin allows admin users to track activities of all SugarCRM users. It capture activities like creating, updating, linking and unlinking on standard and custom modules. The add-on comes with a set of filters which will help users to see more relevant data. It also come with the option to export the report into CSV file. Access to this report is restricted only for admin users considering data security. It's compatible with both on-demand and on-site sugar instances.


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