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Monitor user activities such as when a record gets added, updated, or deleted. Also see when users log in and out of the CRM.

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The Activity Monitor addon records user's activities in a single module.You get a clear picture of what your users are doing in CRM. It monitors mostly all types of activities done on CRM like creating or updating a record, deleting a record or even if a user logs in or logs out giving you a detailed report of which user is doing a certain action on what module.

Features and Benefits

  • Control on which modules you want to record activities.
  • Records activities on different modules.
  • Logs activities when a record is added, updated, deleted or even when a user logs in or logs out of CRM.
  • Detailed reporting on the activities recorded.

Logs User Activities


Filter Activities based on module and/or activity type.


Userwise Activity Report


Modulewise Activity Report


Activity Count Report


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